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At JKKN Institutions, the Student Council is not merely a representative body; it’s an incubator for dynamic leadership and a catalyst for transformative change. Here’s how our Council sets new benchmarks:

Bio Convergent Leadership:

Selected through democratic elections, the Council acts as a conduit between the students, faculty, and administration, embodying our mission to seize exponential opportunities through Bioconvergence.

Beyond Representation to Action:

The Council doesn’t just voice concerns—it collaborates proactively with different departments to enhance campus facilities and revise policies, aligning closely with our values of Innovation and Commitment to Excellence.

Holistic Engagement:

From academic seminars to social outreach, the Council organises diverse events and initiatives aimed at comprehensive student development, reiterating our goal to shape Dynamic Leaders for the future.

Unity in Diversity:

By promoting an inclusive campus culture, the Council underscores JKKN Institutions’ commitment to fostering an environment where every voice is heard, and every perspective is valued.
Current Office-Bearers for the Academic Year
President: Mr. R. Gowsik
Vice Presidents: Ms. Shakthi Maheshwari L, Ms. Selvashree
General Secretary: Mr. S. A. Sharun
Joint Secretaries: Ms. Keerthana R, Ms. Gowri N
Treasurers: Mr. R. Arunkumaar, Mr. Krishan N