Program Vision:
Our vision for the Mentor-Mentee Program is to nurture a culture of mentorship and support that empowers students across diverse fields to
achieve excellence in their respective domains. We firmly believe that mentorship is an integral part of the educational journey, facilitating both mentees’ growth and mentors’ professional development.

Program Overview:
The Mentor-Mentee Program at JKKN Educational Institution is designed to foster a supportive learning environment where experienced mentors guide and empower students (mentees) across various disciplines to excel academically and professionally. This program reflects our institution’s commitment to providing holistic education and nurturing future leaders and professionals.

Mentorship Objectives:
● Cultivate a Sense of Belonging: Create an inclusive atmosphere where mentees feel an integral part of the JKKN educational community, enhancing faculty-student relationships.
● Enhance Discipline and Excellence: Conduct mentoring sessions to install discipline, punctuality, and commitment to academic and personal growth among students.
● Customized Learning: Tailor mentorship to students based on their academic performance and individual needs, fostering optimal learning outcomes.
● Personalized Growth: Identify and leverage the strengths and weaknesses of each student, assisting them in setting career goals and strategies for achievement.