J.K.K. Nattaraja Dental College and the hospital provide globally acclaimed services with good hospitality to NRI candidates. The international student cell is active to facilitate international candidates. It considers and coordinates well with every futuristic prospect of international students. On fulfilling the needed requirement, the foreign and NRI candidates are admitted into the institution based upon eligibility framed by UGC and DCI.


  1. The international student cell aims to take care of future international scholars during their stay, from the time of admission till the completion of the study.
  2. The main intent of the international student cell is to promote the cordial student-student;student-teacher relationships.
  3. To offer help and support for establishing good rapport in various academic and extension activities conducted by the institution.


The international student cell comprises of faculty advisor with student members The head of the institution confers the international student cell. It consist of president, vice president and student members nominated by faculties.


  1. To help and offer assistance for admission based upon the Guidelines followed by our institution
  2. To guide the orientation programs so that the first-year students become familiar with the programs offered, policies of the institution, fees structure.
  3. To monitor the academic performances of the students and guide them with a mentor for progression and improvement in each internal examination.
  4. Conducting and involving the international students in various events thereby creating opportunities to mingle with each other.


Dr.S.Elanchezhiyan, Principal


Dr.B.Sasirekha, MDS

Dr.S.Premkumar, MDS

Dr.D.Sai Sadan, MDS

Dr.C.Dhinesh Kumar, MDS

Dr.Nallasivam, MDS

Dr.Praveena, MDS