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Physical infrastructure refers to the built environment and facilities that support an institution or organization’s operations. This includes buildings, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, dormitories, and other physical structures.
Maintenance and Upgradation of physical infrastructure are essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and efficiency of the facilities. It involves ongoing inspections, repairs, and improvements to keep the infrastructure in optimal condition. Regular maintenance includes tasks like plumbing and electrical repairs, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system checks, structural inspections, and general upkeep.
Upgradation, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing the infrastructure to meet changing needs and technological advancements. This may involve renovating existing buildings, upgrading equipment and technology, improving energy efficiency, or expanding facilities to accommodate a growing population.
Efficient maintenance and strategic upgradation of physical infrastructure contribute to creating a conducive environment for learning, research, and other institutional activities. It also reflects the institution’s commitment to providing a high-quality and modern learning environment for its community. Proper planning and allocation of resources are essential to ensure that physical infrastructure remains functional, safe, and up-to-date.

1 .Chairperson- Mrs. Senthamarai
2.Managing Director- Mr.Ommsharravana
3.Trustee-Mrs.O.lsvarya Lakshmi- (chair)
4. Chief Administrative Offi cer-Mr.Rajendiran
5.Principal-Prof.Dr.Elanchezhiyan (Member secretary)
6. Members-Vice Principal-Prof.Dr.B.Sasirekha
7.Members- Prof.Dr.C.Vignesh Kumar
8..Members- Dr.Sakthi Saranya Devi