principal message


Principal- JKKN Dental College and Hospital


“தெய்வத்தான் ஆகா தெனினும் முயற்சிதன்
மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும்.”

I warmly welcome you to JKKN Dental College and Hospital, located on Salem to Cochin National Highway 544 at Komarapalayam, Tamil Nadu. Established in 1987 by Late SHRI. J.K.K. NATARAJAH, our institution stands as a beacon of rural education and development.
Guided by our Respectable Chairperson SMT.N.SENDAMARAAI and Managing Director SHRI.S.OMMSHARRAVANA, we offer multidisciplinary, outcome-based dental education. Our programs are scientifically grounded, clinically relevant, medically oriented, and socially responsible.

Patients from all over Tamil Nadu, especially from the nearby four districts, seek our free dental services at JKKN Dental College and Hospital. Our commitment to excellence and community welfare is reflected in the thousands of dental professionals we have fostered, who now excel in their careers across South India.

JKKN Dental College provides a BDS program and four MDS programs. Our curriculum equips learners with competitive skills, career guidance, and fosters cultural and creative thinking. Our vision emphasizes ethics, professionalism, and compassionate community care. Through public camps and awareness programs, we strive to improve oral health within the community.