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The Dental Education Committee is a vital entity within dental schools or institutions dedicated to overseeing and enhancing the quality of dental education. Comprising dental faculty, administrators, and sometimes external experts, the committee collaborates to ensure the curriculum aligns with industry standards and educational objectives. It assesses and updates the dental program regularly, integrating advancements in dental research and technology. The committee also reviews teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, and clinical training to promote effective learning and skill development among dental students. By fostering a supportive learning environment and continuously improving the educational experience, the Dental Education Committee aims to produce competent and compassionate dental professionals prepared to meet the challenges of the dental field.

Chairman – Principal
Co-Chairman –  Dr.B. Sasirekha
Executive members :
Dr. Sai Sadan
Dr. Vinod Thangasamy
Dr. Kumaran
Dr. Linda
Dr. swathi
Dr. Radhika