Grievance Redressal committee

Grievance Redressal committee Objective:

The Grievance Redressal Policy of JKKN Dental College and Hospital aims to provide a fair, transparent, and efficient mechanism for addressing and resolving
grievances raised by students, parents, staff, or any other stakeholders of the institution. The policy ensures that grievances are collected through a Google
form, handled promptly, impartially, and with utmost confidentiality, thereby promoting a harmonious and conducive learning environment.

This policy applies to all students, parents, staff members, and stakeholders of JKKN Dental College and Hospital

Definition of Grievance:
A grievance is defined as any complaint, concern, or dissatisfaction raised by a student, parent, staff member, or stakeholder regarding any aspect of the institution’s operations, policies, procedures, facilities, or behavior of individuals associated with the institution.

Grievance Redressal Procedure:
Grievance Submission:
a. The institution will provide a dedicated Google form for the submission of grievances.
b. Students, parents, staff members, or stakeholders can access the form through the institution’s official website or any other designated platform. c. The Google form will include fields for capturing relevant information such as the name of the aggrieved individual, contact details, nature of the grievance, and any supporting documents or evidence.

Receipt of Grievances:
a. The institution will ensure that all grievances submitted through the Google form are received and recorded.
b. A designated authority or Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) will be responsible for regularly monitoring the submissions and acknowledging receipt
of grievances.

Grievance Evaluation and Resolution:
a. The GRC will evaluate each grievance received through the Google form in a fair and unbiased manner.
b. The GRC may request additional information, conduct investigations, or seek inputs from relevant individuals or departments to facilitate the resolution process.
c. Timely updates will be provided to the aggrieved individual regarding the progress and status of their grievance.

Grievance Redressal Outcome:
a. The GRC will communicate the resolution or decision regarding the grievance through appropriate channels, including email, phone, or personal meetings. b. The communication will include details of the actions taken or recommended to
address the grievance.

The institution will ensure that all grievances submitted through the Google form are treated with strict confidentiality. Only authorized personnel involved in the grievance resolution process will have access to the information provided.

The institution will establish specific timelines for acknowledging, evaluating, and resolving grievances submitted through the Google form. These timelines will be communicated to all stakeholders and strictly adhered to.

The institution will maintain proper documentation of all grievances received through the Google form, actions taken, and resolutions provided. This will assist in tracking the grievance history and identifying areas for improvement in the institution’s policies and procedures.

The institution strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against individuals raising genuine grievances. Any act of retaliation will be dealt with sternly, and
appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the responsible party.

The institution will ensure effective communication channels are in place to inform all stakeholders about the availability and usage of the Google form for
submitting grievances. This includes displaying information on the institution’s website, notice boards, or any other appropriate means.

Review and Monitoring:
The Grievance Redressal Policy, including the Google form submission process, will be periodically reviewed by the management of JKKN Dental College and Hospital to ensure its effectiveness and make any necessary updates. Regular monitoring will be conducted to assess the implementation of the policy and identify areas for improvement.


Dr.S.Elanchezhiyan, Principal

Dr.B.Sasirekha, MDS
Dr.P.K.Sasikumar ,MDS
Dr.C.Dhinesh Kumar ,MDS