JKKN Dental College and Hospital has established an Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) to promote a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity within its academic and research community. This council serves as a platform to nurture innovative ideas, facilitate collaboration, and support the development of entrepreneurial ventures among students, faculty, and staff.


The primary objective of the Institutional Innovation Council at JKKN Dental College and Hospital is to foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship within the institution. The council aims to:

1. Promote Innovation: Encourage and support innovative ideas that have the potential to address challenges in dentistry and healthcare.

2. Entrepreneurship Development: Provide guidance and resources to transform innovative ideas into viable entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Skill Enhancement: Organize workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurship skills of students and faculty.

4. Incubation Support : Facilitate the incubation of startups and initiatives that emerge from within the institution.

5. Networking and Collaboration: Forge partnerships with industry, government agencies, and other academic institutions to create opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.


The Institutional Innovation Council undertakes various activities and initiatives to achieve its objectives:

– Innovation Challenges: Organizing innovation challenges where students and faculty can pitch their ideas and receive mentorship and funding to develop prototypes.

– Startup Bootcamps: Conducting bootcamps to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to launch and manage startups.

– Guest Lectures: Inviting successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and policymakers to deliver talks and share their experiences with the JKKN community.

– Hackathons and Workshops: Hosting hackathons and workshops on emerging technologies and trends relevant to dentistry and healthcare.

– Incubation Support: Providing physical infrastructure, mentorship, and funding support to incubate promising startups.

– Patent Clinics: Offering guidance on intellectual property rights and assisting in patent filing for innovative projects.

– Industry Collaborations: Facilitating collaborations with industry partners for research projects and technology transfer.

– Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps: Organizing camps to create awareness about entrepreneurship and inspire students to pursue innovative ventures.


The Institutional Innovation Council has had a significant impact on the JKKN Dental College and Hospital community:

– Increased Innovation: A surge in the number of innovative projects and ideas generated by students and faculty.

– Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Creation of a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem within the institution, fostering startups and initiatives.

– Skill Development: Enhancement of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills among participants.

– Industry Connections: Strengthened ties with industry partners leading to collaborative research and development efforts.