• Purpose
  •  Academic Achievement Scholarships:
  • Sports Quota Scholarships:
    • Important Note
  • Application Process
  • Other Scholarships:
    • Single Parent Scholarship
    • JKKN Student Scholarship
    • Recommendation Letter from Governing Body
    • Acquired Gold medal
  • Government scholarship 
  • Application Process:
    • Steps to Apply
    • Academic Achievement Scholarships
    • Sports Quota Scholarships
    • Single Parent Scholarship
    • JKKN Student Scholarship
    • Recommendation Letter from Governing Body
    • Acquired Gold medal
  • Award Details
  • Renewal and Compliance:
    • Scholarship Renewal
    • Compliance for Sports Quota Scholarship
  • Policy Review

1. Purpose:

The  Dental  College Scholarship Program aims to provide financial assistance to students who exhibit exceptional academic performance, sports achievements, and special circumstances. This policy outlines the eligibility criteria, application process, and award details for various scholarship categories.

2. Academic Achievement Scholarships:

The following scholarships will be awarded based on the applicant’s rural area ( villages, Tribal areas, underdeveloped towns, hamlets, and farms) and NEET mark percentage 

3. Sports Quota Scholarships:

A  tuition fee scholarship will be provided to students who have achieved winner or runner-up positions in state-level tournaments in the following sports: Wrestling, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, and Badminton.

   *Important Note  

A minimum of two students is required for admission 

Daily Practice Compulsory

Participating in All Tournaments is compulsory.

4. Other Scholarships:

  • Single Parent Scholarship: 
  • JKKN Student Scholarship:
  • Recommendation Letter from Governing Body
  • Acquired Gold medal

5.Government scholarships: 

  • As per Government norms

6. Application Process:

  • All applicants must approach the admission officer , who will verify their eligibility and provide the admission form 
  • The applicant must fill out the application form and submit to the concerned person with the supporting documents.
  • Sports Quota Scholarships: Applicants must provide documentation of their sports achievements and participation.
  • Single Parent Scholarship: Applicants must provide relevant documentation proving single-parent status.
  • JKKN Student Scholarship: No additional application is required for this category.
    • Recommendation Letter from Governing Body:Applicants must provide relevant recommendation letter from governing Body.
    • Acquired Gold medal:Applicants must provide documentation of their Gold medels.

7. Award Details:

  • Scholarship amounts will be directly reduced by the student’s tuition fees.

8. Renewal and Compliance:

  • All categories of Scholarships are not renewable.
  • Sports Quota Scholarship recipients must adhere to the mandatory conditions mentioned in the sports quota section.

9. Policy Review:

This scholarship policy will be reviewed quarterly by the relevant Committee to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.