The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery boasts a spacious and fully equipped clinical section, complete with modern dental chairs fitted with micro motors and high vacuum suction drains, as well as micromotor straight handpieces. A separate sterilization room ensures strict adherence to aseptic treatment procedures. The department is also well-prepared for medical emergencies with two emergency kits and readily available oxygen cylinders. Cutting-edge equipment, including digital blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, glucometers, and needle destroyers, are on hand for efficient patient care.


The minor oral surgery section is equipped with state-of-the-art dental chairs featuring the latest technologies and air conditioning for patient comfort. Additionally, the department has a recovery room, seminar room, and department library for the benefit of undergraduate students. As a specialty, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has been providing high-quality minor and major surgical treatments to the public since the inception of the institution in 1987.

 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures involving the oral, maxillary, and mandibular jaw bones. Minor oral surgical procedures such as impacted tooth removal, incisional and excisional biopsy of oral lesions, incision and drainage of oro facial infections, and placement of wiring for simple jaw fractures are performed on a regular basis. Major oral surgeries, which are conducted under general anesthesia, include management of maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic (jaw correction) surgeries, surgeries for pathological lesions (cysts and tumors), cleft surgeries, distraction osteogenesis (lengthening of bones using distraction devices), and treatment for oral cancers, among others. The department is committed to delivering superior care and providing the most advanced surgical solutions to patients in need


To provide the highest quality of care to patients with conditions affecting the mouth, teeth, and facial structures. Will strive to be a leader in the field by conducting research and staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Provide a supportive and educationally rich environment for students and residents to learn and grow in their knowledge and skills in the field. To work closely with other dental and medical specialists to provide comprehensive care for patients with complex conditions. Establish Good communication with the patients to ensure patient motivation.
To improve the health and well-being of individuals with oral and maxillofacial conditions.


Dr. T. Kavin
Dr. S. Vinod Thangaswamy
Dr. J. Vijay Thiyagarajan
Dr. P. Mowniga