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IQAC is the heart of our quest for excellence in higher education. It operates as a quality guardian, meticulously planning, guiding, and monitoring quality initiatives within our institution. Comprising distinguished faculty, administrators, and external experts, the IQAC focuses on continuous growth, setting benchmarks, facilitating internal reviews, and overseeing accreditation processes. Its mission is to cultivate a culture of excellence, transparency, and accountability, leading the way to comprehensive institutional growth and unwavering student satisfaction.

Facets of IQAC:

Curricular Aspects: Ensuring relevance and rigor in the curriculum.
Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation: Enhancing pedagogical effectiveness.
Research, Innovation & Extension: Promoting a robust research environment.
Infrastructure and Learning Resources: Overseeing optimal utilization of facilities.
Student Progression: Guiding student growth and development.
Leadership and Management: Steering the institution towards its mission.
Institutional Values & Best Practices: Upholding the ethics and values of the institution.
Patient Care & Community Engagement: Fostering community relations and patient satisfaction.
Ranking and Accreditation Committee: Managing rankings and accreditation.
DTTM: Overseeing specific academic matters.

Members and Their Roles:

Chairperson: Dr. S Elanchezhiyan
Curricular Aspects: Dr. Rekha
Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation: Dr. V. Kumaran
Research, Innovation & Extension: Dr. T. Dhineshkumar
Infrastructure and Learning Resources: Dr. V. Vigneshkumar
Student and Progression: Dr. D. Sai Sadan
Leadership, Management: Dr. C. Dhineshkumar
Institutional Values & Best Practices: Dr. Monicca
Patient Care & Community: Dr. N. S. Naveenraj
Ranking and Accreditation Committee: Dr. B. Sasirckha
DTTM: Dr. J. Vijay Thiyagarajan
IQAC Coordinator: Dr. K Sakthisaranyadevi
Student Members: Mr. Gowsik, Ms. Selvashree, Dr. A.S. Surya, Dr. Jothilakshmi, Miss. Yashwanthini.S, Mr. R. Thirumurukash, Mr. P. MuthuPandy, Miss S. MahaLakshmi, Miss. Harsitha, Mr. Kirubhakaran