Dr.A.Sivakumar, MDS


J.K.K.Nattraja Dental College & Hospital

Komarapalayam, Tamil Nadu.


My hearty wishes to all the students of our college,

              I am a witness of all the happenings of our college for the past 22 years.I have taught every student of this college from the first batch to the present ones. Our college has given the strength to stand with a raised head in their life as a teacher, consultant, practitioner and as an administrator. This happens to all the students who enter our college.

              Our students have taught many things to me about life. I have been good to some may be not so to some students depending on the situation. I have tried to be the same person always and I have always worked for our college and the students.

              I feel happy and proud to see all the Alumni achieving in all areas of dentistry as practitioners, teachers and administrators.