fbpx JKKN Dental College & Hospital | Vision and Mission


  • Primary goal to be honest and trustworthy in dentist patient relationship
  • Efficient and comprehensive practice management.
  • Provision of total care for all population
  • Long and intensive academic preparation.
  • Professional practice facilitating all dental clients.
  • Fostering dental awareness of oral health.
  • Our objective should be perpetual preservation of what remains than the meticulous restoration of what is missing.
  • Good communication with the patients to ensure patient motivation.

“We are what we repeatedly do …………

Excellence, then, is not an act ………

But a habit”


  • Dental education with friendly hands for needy people
  • Serve the patients with healthfulness
  • Golden bond through organized services
  • Strong community relationship
  • Meet the rural, urban and global dental education needs
  • Ensure treatment without any racial discrimination
  • Giving life to tribute by treating and relieving the tooth pain
  • Each foot steps to strive to obtain a life with knowledge and attitude
  • Professionalism in management
  • Experience is what we expect through our dental practice
  • Opens a window for enthusiastic leadership

“Our eyes focused on reducing the major disparities in oral health status and inequities in access to oral health care”

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