Biochemistry is an aspect of science which probes into chemical constitution of living things and the various chemical processes through which life originates and by which maintenance of life is accomplished in organisms.

Biochemistry provides the foundation knowledge required for study in both the molecular and cellular aspects of modern biology.

Thus an understanding of Biochemical principles is a pre-requisite for successful advanced work in most areas of Medicine and Dentistry.

Aspects in Biochemistry

  1. Biomolecules
  2. Metabolism
  3. Enzymology
  4. Nutrition and Dietics
  5. Clinical Biochemistry

Services provided

  1. Adequate number of theory classes in all the topics as prescribed by the university.
  2. Students are trained in practical classes to perform experiments related to subjects of Physiology and Biochemistry independently and perfectly.
  3. Clinical experiments conducted as demonstration classes.
  4. Periodical internal assessment conducted to ascertain the scholastic performance of the students.