About Services (CHS)


As a part of our social responsibility and oral health awareness campaign, we are conducting regular dental screening camps and oral health awareness presentations in schools, collages, villages, rural areas, NCC camp places with addition of employers of companies and organisations.

This is to help impart general oral health awareness and respective oral health needs. So far JKKNDCH has conducted 20,000 screening camps in schools, villages and rural areas. Close to our dedication, JKKNDCH will planned to conduct the dental screening camps for the benefit of less privileged communities, old age homes and children. Our dental camp team has set target to create oral health awareness amongst the communities is something that we take very seriously to attain the goal.

Public oral health programmes are very important in prevention and control of oral disease, dental caries and periodontal diseases. The programme not only includes dental education but also several activities aiming those specific age groups. These include group discussion, visits to dental clinic, parent education etc. parent education also a component of the programme. Leaflets and booklets directed are an importent aspect of the campaign. We are aiming to make brushing of the teeth twice daily and also concentrating much on children dental health with under the super vision of their parent’s and distribution of brushes and pastes is part of that programme.

All these activities are conducted to make healthy life and spreading of oral health awareness among the poorly educated people. Oral health education seeks to reduce the risk of oral disease and trauma in the community, and increase the capacity of people to maintain optimal oral health.

Oral disease is a strong marker for social disadvantage, and allocated resourses are weighted towards people from high risk groups, with a primary aim being to reduce the health inequalities within the community. Programs will include both downstream patient focused preventive measures and broader upstream community-based measures which consider the health, financial, behavioural and social determinants of oral disease.