Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology has its roots in therapeutics and the aim of drug usage is to ameliorate the disease

Vision & Mission

In order to keep abreast with the ongoing advancement in the field of pharmacology, it becomes imperative to introduce the drug effects not only at the cellular and molecular level but also in relation to physiological mechanisms and pathological alterations.

Drug action can be understood in context in what else is happening in the body. So I briefly discuss the physiological and biochemical processes relevant to the action of drugs.


The dental students, both undergraduates and post graduates are well trained in the basic medical subject of pharmacology in order to provide complete, authoritative and current information. I orient the teaching of pharmacology in such a way so as to specifically address the clinical implications of different categories of drugs. Special emphasis is also laid on dental pharmacology.

Pharmacology is a lively, logical and scientific discipline in its own right with an importance beyond that of providing a basis for the use of drugs in therapy. Some of our students opt out for careers in clinical pharmacology and hence where appropriate, I introduce the concept of drugs as probes for elucidating cellular and physiological function even when compounds may not have much clinical use.