Functioning of JKKNDCH is dependent the efficient interaction between the management, administration and academic faculty of the college. There is two way communication with needs felt by the academic faculty conveyed to the management while management ensures the fulfillment of the same. Governance is structured with defined roles and responsibilities for each member with accountability for the same.

Hi-Tech  theory class was taken through "Touch On Cloud" Software to the Students with i-Pad and Laptops.

Students of diverse background enroll themselves to the professional BDS, MDS and certificate courses and Ph.D programs. JKKNDCH is proud to state that consistently it is one of the first colleges to fill up their seats in Tamilnadu State Entrance Exams, being the first choice for many a student. Thus it becomes essential in put in action a mechanism that addresses the problems faced by the students. 

The out patients were explained and counselled about their problems through the i-Pad explanation with pictures. In order to understand the basic relation between Sugar & Dental Caries as well as improper brushing technique and Periodontal diseases, this i-Pad counselling got overall success criteria..

Mentor Mentee system is a program designed exclusively for students to interact with one faculty who helps the student to solve academic, and other personal problems. Mentor in turn interacts with Deputy Chief Mentor and Chief Mentor for further measures. Apart from this, counselling is provided by professional counsellors.

Department of Periodontics has conducting the "Laser Hands on Course" for all the CRRIs who posted in the department and also given demon in Vegetables and patients with appreciation Certificate. JKKNDCH strongly believes in overall development of the student and hence extracurricular activities of the students are given equal importance.

The Root Canal Treatment (RCT) has been done under the "Endodontic Microscope" in Post Graduate Clinic of Conservative and Endodontic Department. Annual Cultural week and Sports week are arranged to bring the talents of the students to the fore while prizes won at intercollegiate tournaments speaks volumes especially the group dance troupe.